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Old Favourites, New Flavours 

Fantabulous Flavours...


The Original – Sussex pork, sage & onion

Satay Style – Sussex pork, peanut butter, soy sauce & chilli; topped with peanuts

The Lancashire Lad - Sussex pork, black pudding & apple; topped with apple

Green Chilli – Sussex pork, lemongrass, lime, mint, green peppers & chilli

English Breakfast – Sussex sausage, bacon & mushroom; topped with cracked black pepper

American Breakfast – Sussex pork, smokey bacon & maple syrup; with a maple syrup glaze

Perfect Ploughman’s – Sussex pork & caramelised onion; topped with cheddar cheese

Moreish Moroccan – Sussex pork, couscous, harissa, sultanas; topped with almonds

Peking Pork – Sussex pork, hoisin sauce, spring onion & green peppers; topped with sesame seeds

Gorgeous Goulash – Sussex pork, paprika, caraway, red pepper & chilli; topped with caraway seeds

The Sicilian – Sussex pork, sundried tomatoes, fennel, balsamic & chilli; topped with fennel seeds

Delicious Date – Sussex pork, date & walnut; topped with cheddar cheese

Perfect Match – Sussex pork, rosemary & garlic; topped with poppy seeds

Spanish Senorita - Sussex pork, chorizo, roasted red pepper & chilli; topped with paprika sprinkles

Pick-this-lilli - Sussex pork & piccalilli; topped with mustard seeds

Smokey Joe – Hickory smoked Sussex sausage meat & Worcestershire sauce; topped with cracked black pepper



Bombay Beauty - Bombay potatoes & lime pickle; topped with mustard seeds

The Fun-Guy - Chestnut mushrooms, puy lentils, peanuts & cayenne pepper; topped with black pepper

Cheesy Does It - Mature chedddar, leeks & mustard; topped with cheddar

Grecian Goddess - Feta, courgette, mint & thyme



The Has-Bean - Smashed kidney beans, sundried tomato, peanuts & cayenne pepper

Beet Goes On - Beetroot, carrot, rosemary & garlic



Goulash - Slow cooked pork shoulder, roasted red peppers, paprika, caraway seeds & chilli; topped with paprika

Cornish Style - Beef, carrot, turnip & potato; topped with cracked black pepper

Boozy Beef - Ale braised beef & cheddar cheese

Cottae Pie - Slow cooked beef mince, carrots, onion, celery & Worcester sauce

Greek Lamb - Slow cooked lamb mince, cinnamon, nutmeg & oregano

Bolognese - Slow cooked beef mince, smoked bacon, rosemary, garlic, onion, tomatoes



Cheesy Mash Up - Mashed potato, mature cheddar, onions & wholegrain mustard

Bombay Beauty - Bombay potatoes & lime pickle


PORK PIES (made with hot water pastry)...

The Original One - A classic pork pie, with Sussex pork

Pork & Stiltom - Sussex pork & stilton

Lancashire Lad - Sussex pork & black pudding

Veggie Mushroom & Goats Cheese - Chestnut mushrooms, goats cheese, sage & nutmeg



All our delicious sausage rolls and pasties are made with homemade flakey all butter pastry (with the exception of our vegan rolls, which are made with a dairy free alternative)


We are constantly adding to our list of flavours so please contact us for a full list, or any new flavour ideas!