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Old Favourites, New Flavours 

Weddings and Parties

If you are looking for amazing food for your wedding or party then you have come to the right place. This Little Piggy can offer you a range of unique and exciting snacks to keep your party goers fuelled for fun!


We can offer a full Pig-n-Mix platter of Brighton’s best sausage rolls for your guests either served in pre filled individual bags or on our unique Pig-n-Mix board so guests can pick and mix the flavours of their choice.


What's more we are happy to work with you to create your personalised flavours and even personally designed Pig-n-Mix bags.


Or how about some naughty nuts? Gone are the days of greasy salted nuts ... hello This Little Piggy nuts! This flavour filled snack will keep people nibbling and drinking for hours!  Like our sausage rolls, we provide unique flavour options ranging from sea salt and rosemary to chilli and coconut cashews.  All served in pretty seaside style striped paper bags or jars.


This Little Piggy is available for weddings and parties throughout the South East, please contact us for details - prices start at only £3 per head!

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